Graphic Designer / Creative & Marketing Manager: Implemented fresh branding, design and marketing elements (i.e. magazine fillers, web elements, media kits, etc.) Built and organized libraries of branding elements for production designers. Analyzed, created and launched web, email and direct mail marketing (targeting and traffic) campaigns through Facebook Business Manager and Google Banner ads. Contributed to website management by updating basic UI/UX to accompany business optimization & changes . Managed all social accounts and blog.

new home guide

Media Kit

My personal mark derives from the combination of gestural yet clean lines that makes up the letter mark of the initials of my first and last name. I wanted to make something very simple and playful to the eye; that would keep fluidity and help the viewer complete the circle.I used the chaotic florals  to symbolize a lot of what my design and here-go most artwork which usually ends up looking like organized and clean, yet dynamic and exciting.

Banner Ad Campaign

Campaign to create re-design and add animation to New Home Guide’s banner ads to give a fresher, cleaner and more attention grabbing look. Re-design also included coding to redirect clicking link which used to lead to main website landing page to instead lead potential consumer to their local markets search page.

Filler / Flyer Advertising

Blog & Social Media Management

Complete Social Media and Blog management to keep consumers invested. Website Management by updating basic UI/UX to accompany business growth & changes.