More design work from freelance projects.

The Bridged Gaps

Head designer and content editor for traveling blog website. Built a space for Baylor Journalism students to write about experiences and interactions while traveling across Eastern Europe.Students would submit articles and I would edit stories to match the journalistic AP style as well and the design / feel of the website. I was also the head photo collector and editor and solely contributed to the gallery of the website.

Carne Kitchen

Carne Kitchen is a casual, hip, sit down, taco restaurant based out of Chicago, Illinois. Although a sit down restaurant, it is a very casual restaurant customers order over the counter.I wanted to use this brand identity to emphasize my ability in typographical manipulation (as seen in the logo) as well as simple and easily reproducible illustrations.

Enough Ministries

Marketing and illustration work for The New York Times Bestselling author Grace Valentine and her new book “Is It Just Me?” Including stickers and social media posts for book launch.

Content Capital

Contract design work to create book covers, type set and to manage websites for multiple books / authors.

Black Glasses

This poster was created for Baylor University’s annual Black Glasses Film Festival. The concept for this design was inspired by the liveliness, organic and almost ”mind of its own” aspect that  film seems to portray. I collided that element to illustrate the chaos of ideas flowing through ones mind while creating one of these films. Compared to other projects from the past, the illustration was certainly most pushed towards a three dimensional product.

iPhone 911

For an identity class, each individual was assigned an existing company to completely re-brand. I was assigned a company in Jacksonville, FL that repaired electronics (with major emphasis on iPhones).I decided that the best approach to this re-brand was to focus on the “emergency” or “medical” aspect that their existing brand already generates. This lead to incorporation of the bright reds and to keep a lot of the white as well. Using the medical approach also lead me to use the pills in the logotype as a play on words (or in this case numbers).